3 most fun prop bets for the 2023 Super Bowl

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs Media Availability
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Super Bowl prop bets for everyone from beginners to seasoned NFL fans.

The Super Bowl brings in viewers who haven’t watched a single snap of the NFL all year. And with the recent influx of legalized gambling, it wouldn’t be surprising if this year’s game was the most viewed to date.

For those of you new to the gambling space, a prop bet, short for proposition, is a wager that’s not tied to the final score or outcome of a game. The common bets you’ll see for Sunday’s contest include Travis Kelce to go over a specific number of yards or Jalen Hurts to throw ‘X’ number of touchdowns. The slew of prop bets for the biggest game in the sport might scare off the non-die hard fans.

The beauty of this particular game is, from a betting perspective, you can place a wager on Super Bowl LVII without an inkling of either team. Prop bets are the way to go if you can’t decide which paths to victory favor the Eagles or which factors matter the most for the Chiefs.

If you prefer to keep it simple, you can bet on the result of the coin toss. That’s no fun. So let’s get into the most fun prop bets you can make Sunday and one other we can count on cashing for us by the time the clock hits zero.

Ri Ri’s closing song – Umbrella +400

The odds for this have since been closed at various sportsbooks, but as of Friday, the odds for Rihanna’s last song were as followed:

Diamonds -125
Run This Town +400
Umbrella +400
Don’t Stop The Music +600
We Found Love +1,000
SOS +1,500
Take A Bow +1,500

There are a dozen other songs, but these were the top seven odds. And let’s break down those odds. If you were to place $125 on ‘Diamonds’, you’d win $125. A $100 wager on ‘Run This Town’ would net you $400.

All week, ‘Umbrella’ made the most sense. It’s arguably Rihanna’s most popular song, and a track that took her from a budding star to the top of the charts.

But during Super Bowl Media week, Ri Ri misspoke on the name of one of her albums:

The odds have since flipped to ‘Diamonds’ as the leader in the clubhouse to be her final song. We’re sticking with our gut and going with Umbrella.

It’s the Super Bowl, and that gives Rihanna the chance to share the stage with other megastars. In this case, she can bring out maybe the only person in the stadium worth more than her financially, Jay-Z.

We’ll stick with our gut and go with the song that effectively put Rihanna on the map.

Will Andy Reid say ‘Burger’ or ‘Cheeseburger’ in his postgame interview – Yes +165

Like most of us, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is a lover of food. Reid is big on mac and cheese:

But his players gifted him a cheeseburger after a game on Christmas Eve:

And we’re getting “plus” odds? Sign me up. The “no” odds are -220, which might scare you off this bet. Think about it: The announcer will ask Reid a food question, such as what are you going to eat after this? Why wouldn’t he mention his favorite food?

This is not only fun, but it feels like a lock. The question is when, not if, on whether Reid will mention the word burger.

Patrick Mahomes over 4.5 rushing attempts: +130

On the largest stage, let’s go with the best player not only in the sport but perhaps all-time when it’s all said and done. As of writing, this might be the easiest prop bet you’ll have all season. Don’t be surprised if most sportsbooks bump this number up to 4.5 by Sunday, so that’s what we’ll grade it as.

This is simple. The bigger the game, the more Patrick Mahomes relies on his legs. That’s been the case going on a few seasons now. Many will shy away from this, knowing that Mahomes has an ankle injury, but we’re getting to look at it as if we’re getting value.

Mahomes surpassed three rushing attempts 10 times during the regular season. He had three rushing attempts against the Jaguars despite playing on one leg and missing a chunk of the game. During the AFC Championship, Mahomes hit three again, despite not being able to put pressure on his ankle.

With an additional two weeks for his ankle to heal and this being the final game with everything on the line, you’d imagine Mahomes will be a more willing runner.

We also have to think about how often the Eagles are likely to get pressure against Mahomes, who is a magician when it comes to avoiding sacks. Kansas City’s pressure rate allowed is up 9 percent in the playoffs.

When the stakes are high, Mahomes runs. This figures to be a high-scoring game. In last year’s wild AFC Divisional Round matchup against the Bills, Mahomes had seven carries. Earlier in the year, against Buffalo, he had eight.

The greatest quarterback I’ve seen with my own eyes is likely to finish closer to eight than three, making this a no-brainer to bet.

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