Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas will host the 2024 Super Bowl

New England Patriots (24) Vs. Las Vegas Raiders (30) At Allegiant Stadium
Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas | Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Sin City is becoming an NFL event hub and will be home to Super Bowl 58.

With Super Bowl LVII finally here, it’s never too early to focus on Super Bowl LVIII. The Lombardi Trophy hasn’t even been presented yet and we’re already looking to 2024. You can even already bet on who is going to win 2024’s Super Bowl LVIII, the Chiefs are currently favorites on DraftKings Sportsbook, followed by the Bills, 49ers and Eagles (in that order).

Super Bowl LVIII should be one of the most memorable and flashiest Super Bowl weeks in history as the big game is going to Las Vegas. Super Bowl LVIII will be held Feb. 11, 2024 at Allegiant Stadium, the home of the Las Vegas Raiders.

That’s right, Vegas baby. Elvis meets Vince Lombardi. It’s going to be epic.

While this will be the first ever Super Bowl in Las Vegas don’t expect it to be the last. Surely, the desert will be placed into the league’s Super Bowl rotation. Yes, expect it to be a jackpot victory for the league, the city and the droves of fans who descend on the Strip for their own wild adventure. 80 For Brady meets The Hangover.

In fact, the NFL has already fully embraced Las Vegas as an event hub in the three seasons since the Raiders moved to Southern Nevada after leaving Oakland.

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games
Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images
Pro Bowl flag football game at Allegiant Stadium on Feb. 5, 2023

The past two Pro Bowls have been held at Allegiant Stadium and the Las Vegas Strip hosted the NFL Draft in 2022.

It’s easy to see why the city has become the perfect NFL host city for major events.

Las Vegas does parties like no other city in the country. It’s big enough to host all the events that come with Super Bowl weeks and there’s more hotel beds than needed. The weather should be mild and nice for all of the practices for the two participating teams and Allegiant Stadium is a brand new home in a domed stadium (which the NFL desires for Super Bowls).

There’s nothing not to like about the idea of a Las Vegas Super Bowl. The city will handle it perfectly. Last week, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he’d never try to underestimate how big a Las Vegas Super Bowl will be because he knows anything is possible there.

Yes, Las Vegas is ideal for an event of this magnitude, but it’s still somewhat amazing that this is where we are. It wasn’t that long ago that the NFL and Las Vegas was a taboo notion. The NFL was staunchly against the idea of betting and turned a blind eye to that the fact that one of the reasons why the game is so wildly popular is because of the gambling element. They shunned casinos and even prohibited players from hosting fantasy conventions.

But after the Raiders were the odd team out in the race to return to Los Angeles when the Rams and Chargers were selected in 2016, Las Vegas emerged as a legitimate suitor for the Raiders. Once the league saw how financially beneficial a Raiders’ move to Sin City was for both the franchise and the league, it suddenly softened its stance on the forbidden city and in gambling in general. Now, the league and gambling companies partner and the idea of NFL games being played in the gaming mecca of the world is embraces by the league.

Next year’s Super Bowl will be the crowning moment of this wild marriage. But again, get used to it. The Super Bowl and the Strip is just getting started,

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