Mama Kelce shows off her fit for the Super Bowl

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Donna Kelce shows off her customized outfit ahead of the Super Bowl featuring her sons Jason and Travis

For the first time in NFL history, Super Bowl LVII will feature a pair of brothers squaring off as players in the big game. On one sideline will be Jason Kelce, the veteran center for the Philadelphia Eagles. On the other will be Travis Kelce, the talented tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Eagles are a 1.5-point favorite in the matchup.

Right in the middle? Their parents, Donna and Ed Kelce.

Before kickoff of Super Bowl LVII, Donna shared with the world her fit for the game, paying tribute to both Jason, and Travis:

This is absolutely fabulous. First off, the custom jacket is phenomenal, but let’s make note of the details. You have the security-compliant clear plastic bag, with Jason’s “62” in green and Travis’s “87” in red. The bag also features the embroidered “Mama Kelce” script.

Then there are the custom sneakers. One featuring black and green, along with the “62” for Jason, and the other featuring red and gold, featuring the “87” for Travis.

All week long, Donna and Ed have talked about what it is like having their sons square off as players in the Super Bowl. They also mentioned that when the game is over, they will likely visit with the son on the losing team first.

We will not know which son that is for a few hours, but we do know this:

Mama Kelce’s gameday fit is fire.

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