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Luis Miguel Suito, Triathlon Athlete, Says The Key To Success Is Balancing Time Between Your Training And Your Family

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What is your primary sport?


How would you describe your strengths as an athlete? What makes you different and unique from your competitors?

I am a constant, well-disciplined and detailed person.

I like to read a lot about Sports Nutrition and Training plans. I also do research on the latest technologies and gadgets for sports that actually bring improvement. From the side of my coach, in addition to receiving the training plan, I like to analyze it and question it and understand why I am doing certain things.

Tell us about a specific time you encountered a major obstacle and thoroughly describe how you overcame it.

In one of my races I had a goal of doing a PR (personal record). In a long distance triathlon race the external factors and the probability that something will fail increases.

In this specific case, when I started the bike stage, I had 2 tire punctures that made me lose several minutes making me change the objective of the race. Now it was to finish the bike calmly and have the legs to get to the finish line.

Time was no longer a priority, but trying to enjoy the race and cross the finish line was.

Explain in detail, your definition of success?

Success is being able to achieve balance in your priorities in life. In my case, family, work, and sports. All 3 have to be in sync and balanced. It’s being happy with what you have but without becoming a conformist.

How would you respond to this statement: “Leaders are born NOT built”

In my personal opinion Leaders can be born or built. If a person proposes it and believes in himself with a lot of hardwork, knowledge and discipline, you can become a successful leader.

If you gave advice to a young athlete, what is the GREATEST lesson you would share from your sports experience?

Listen to your coach and don’t think you’re omnipotent, be humble and learn from your falls. Learn to listen to your body!

What is your favorite sports movie or show?

My Favorite sports movie is Rocky because it emanates a lot of knowledge. It gives many life lessons and positive messages and teachings.

For example, I Like this quote: “Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.” – Rocky Balboa

Who is the person you admire the most and model your work ethic after?

My dad taught me the first guidelines in sports and has always given my best until the end. Mom always gives me a sense of responsibility and work. And my wife, she has helped me to become a better person and to make me realize my mistakes and correct them.

List your accomplishments, awards, records, certifications, etc…This is your chance to brag about your stats and victories 🙂

  • Ironman: 140.6 x 4 times (requires a 2.4 mile swim (3.9K), 112 mile bike (180.2K), and 26.2 mile run (42.2K)
  • Half Ironman: 70.3 x 4 times
  • Marathons: 26miles (42.2k) x 5 times including one indoors on a treadmill during COVID-19 for personal motivation.
  • Fronton (similar to Racket ball): National champion – 1994

How would you classify your current status?

Professional athlete (current)

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