The 2023 CIF State 100M Boys Race: A Showcase of Talent and Tenacity

The 2023 CIF State 100M Boys race was a spectacle that lived up to its billing. Featuring some of the fastest high school athletes in California, the event was a culmination of hard work, skill, and sheer willpower. From defending champions to rising stars, the race had it all. Here’s a closer look at some of the standout athletes and the moments that made this race unforgettable.

Roderick Pleasant: The Back-to-Back Champion

Roderick Pleasant, a senior from Sarah High School, stole the show with a blistering time of 10.20 seconds. Not only did he win the race, but he also set a new state record, solidifying his place in California high school history. In his post-race interview, Pleasant emphasized the importance of living in the moment and seizing opportunities. “This is my last California state meet. I wanted to put my name down in history,” he said. Pleasant also expressed gratitude for his family, coaching staff, and teammates, who he said kept him grounded and focused.

Jordan Washington: The Close Second

Jordan Washington, a junior from Jordan High School, was a force to be reckoned with. He finished a close second with a time of 10.30 seconds, making him the second-fastest high school Californian this year. Washington’s performance sets the stage for what could be an even more impressive senior year.

Robert Stitz: The Dark Horse

Robert Stitz, a senior from El Cerrito High School, finished in third place but left a lasting impression. With a time of 10.31 seconds, he was just a hair behind Washington. As the North Coast Champion, Stitz has proven that he’s a top-tier sprinter deserving of recognition.

Anthony Flowers: The Defending Champion

Anthony Flowers, also a senior and from Sarah High School like Pleasant, was the defending state champion. Although he didn’t manage to retain his title, his presence added a layer of excitement and competition to the race. Flowers has been a key player in the California high school sprinting scene and will be remembered for his contributions to the sport.

Nicholas Miller and Other Notable Athletes

Nicholas Miller, who ran a 10.48, and other athletes like Robert Stitz and Jordan Washington, also put up commendable performances. Their efforts added depth to an already competitive field, making the race a must-watch from start to finish.

Final Thoughts

The 2023 CIF State 100M Boys race was a testament to the talent and dedication of young athletes in California. Roderick Pleasant’s back-to-back championship and new state record were the highlights, but the performances of other athletes like Jordan Washington and Robert Stitz were equally noteworthy.

As Pleasant said in his post-race reflections, it’s essential to “enjoy the process” and “have fun,” advice that every young athlete can take to heart. With such an exciting event behind us, the future of high school sprinting in California looks brighter than ever.

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