Funny Bowling Team Names

Are you looking to add some humor and excitement to your bowling team? Look no further! In this article, we will explore a range of funny bowling team names that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Whether you’re a seasoned bowler or just starting out, having a clever team name can create a sense of camaraderie and lightheartedness. From puns to clever wordplay, these team names are bound to make your opponents chuckle as you roll for that strike. So, get ready to unleash your creativity and pick a name that perfectly captures the spirited nature of your fun-loving bowling team.

Funny Bowling Team Names

Funny Bowling Team Names

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Choosing a catchy and humorous team name can make all the difference when it comes to creating a fun and memorable bowling experience. Not only does it add a touch of personality to your team, but it also sparks laughter and camaraderie among your teammates and opponents alike. In this article, we will explore a variety of funny bowling team names across different categories, from classic puns to pop culture references, and from sports-related names to creative mash-ups. So get ready to strike a chord of laughter and find the perfect name for your bowling team!

Classic Puns

If you are a fan of wordplay and puns, these classic and witty names will surely bowl you over:

Gutter Gangsters

A name that represents your team’s ability to strike the gutter just as smoothly as a seasoned crook.

Pin Pals

Because bowling is all about camaraderie and friendship, what better way to symbolize it than being pin pals?

Split Personalities

This name highlights the versatility and adaptability of your team members, who can handle both strikes and splits.

Strike Kings and Queens

If your team consists of top-notch bowlers who consistently hit those elusive strikes, this name will reinforce your superiority.

Spare Me

A clever play on words that both alludes to asking for mercy from your opponents and the importance of spares in the game.

Bowled and the Beautiful

A humorous twist on the classic soap opera title, “The Bold and the Beautiful,” humorously implying that your team is as glamorous on the lanes as the characters on screen.

Pop Culture References

Incorporating elements of popular culture in your team name is a fantastic way to connect with your fellow teammates. Here are some references that will strike a chord with fans:

The Bowltimore Ravens

For fans of football and bowling alike, this name combines the Baltimore Ravens NFL team with the sport of bowling, creating a witty and memorable fusion.

The Big Le-Bow-Ski

A hilarious nod to the iconic movie “The Big Lebowski,” this name perfectly captures the laid-back and carefree spirit of bowling.


A playful take on the phrase “believers,” this name shows your undying faith in the power of bowling to bring joy and excitement.

The Bowling Dead

An amusing combination of the hit TV show “The Walking Dead” and the bowling world, this name is bound to attract attention and have people chuckling.

The Rolling Stones

Bringing together the legendary rock band and the rolling motion of a bowling ball, this name showcases your team’s vibrant and energetic vibe.

Sports-Related Names

If you are passionate about sports and want to infuse that enthusiasm into your team name, these sports-related options will fit the bill:

The Thunder Strikes

With thunderous strikes, your team will announce your presence on the lanes with this assertive and attention-grabbing name.

The Alley-oops

A clever play on the basketball term “alley-oop,” this name symbolizes your team’s knack for working together and achieving impressive results.


Combining the words “bowling” and “warriors,” this name highlights your team’s determination and fighting spirit on the bowling battlefield.

Ten-Pin Titans

If your team possesses titanic skills and dominates the lanes with ease, this name will perfectly embody your bowling prowess.

The Bowl Bills

A playful homage to the Buffalo Bills NFL team, this name demonstrates your team’s dedication to the game and love for both football and bowling.

Funny Bowling Team Names

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Food-Inspired Names

Food and bowling often go hand in hand, so why not incorporate your love for delicious treats into your team name? Here are some mouth-watering options:

Bowl Appetit

Channeling the elegance of French cuisine, this name suggests that your team has a refined taste for strikes and spares.

Strike & Dip

A play on the popular party dish “chips and dip,” this name captures the essence of bowling while making everyone’s taste buds tingle.

The Nacho Bowlers

For those who enjoy the occasional snack while bowling, this name perfectly reflects your love for the game and cheesy delights.

Pins and Pizza

Combining the two staples of bowling alley cuisine, this name emphasizes your team’s passion for both the game and delicious pizza.

Spare Ribs

A humorous twist on the popular dish, this name showcases your team’s ability to save yourself from tricky situations, just like a spare.

Animal-Themed Names

Showcasing your team’s wild side can add a fun and fierce touch to your name. Here are some animal-themed options to consider:

Alley Cats

If your team members have a knack for finding the perfect alley and striking those pins with ease, this name will capture your agility and precision.

Bowling Bears

Highlighting the strength and power of your team, this name combines the image of a bear with the finesse of a perfect bowling throw.

The Striking Snakes

With your team’s ability to strike down pins effortlessly, this name draws inspiration from the slithering movement of snakes before they strike their prey.

The Pin Penguins

Penguins are known for their effortless gliding and sliding; this name perfectly represents your team’s smooth, pin-saving moves.


A clever combination of “bowling” and “dolphins,” this name represents your team’s agility and teamwork, just like these intelligent marine creatures.

Funny Bowling Team Names

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Music-Inspired Names

If your team is a group of music lovers who enjoy harmonizing strikes and spares, these music-inspired names will strike a chord with you:

The Rolling Bowlers

A clever play on words that merges the joviality of the Rolling Stones with the motion of rolling a bowling ball, this name will resonate with fans of both bowling and music.

Bowling with the Band

Symbolizing the harmony and teamwork needed in both music and bowling, this name will demonstrate your love for music and your passion for the game.

Strike Dancers

For those who appreciate the rhythm and grace of dance, this name showcases your team’s ability to strike with precision and style.

The Alley Acoustics

With each strike echoing through the alley like a beautiful melody, this name portrays your team as a harmonious force to be reckoned with.

Pinny Lane

Inspired by the classic Beatles song “Penny Lane,” this name adds a touch of nostalgia and musical flair to your team identity.

Workplace Humor

Workplace-themed team names can bring a touch of humor and relatability to your bowling experience. Here are some options that will make everyone smile:

The Spare-ticipants

A witty and wordplay-filled name that represents your team’s participation in the game, be it through strikes or spares.

Bowling Bureaucrats

With the precision and attention to detail of seasoned bureaucrats, this name signals your team’s dedication and focus on achieving the perfect roll.

Diversionary Bowlers

If your team enjoys using bowling as a distraction from the stresses of work, this name perfectly captures your goal for a diverting and cheerful game.

The Conference Champs

For those who thrive in a competitive environment, this name indicates your team’s ability to bring home the trophy, both in conferences and on the bowling lanes.

Strike Breakers

A lighthearted play on the phrase “strike breakers,” this name represents your team’s determination to break through the pins and achieve victory.

TV Show Parodies

Who doesn’t love a good TV show parody? These names will have you and your teammates laughing as you channel your favorite characters:

Bowlifornia Dreaming

Inspired by the iconic song “California Dreaming” and the TV show “The O.C.,” this name brings a touch of sunshine and humor to your bowling adventures.

Pinfinity War

A hilarious mash-up of the Marvel movie “Infinity War” and the endless possibilities of pins in bowling, this name marks your team as invincible contenders.

The Bowler Express

For fans of the supernatural drama “The Polar Express,” this name injects a bit of magic and excitement into your bowling team’s identity.

The Big Bang and Strikes

Combining the popular sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” with the explosive nature of striking pins, this name showcases the fusion of intellect and athletic skill.


A spooky twist on the TV show “Transylvania,” this name is perfect for those who have a knack for knocking down challenging splits.

Creative Mash-Ups

If you enjoy thinking outside the box and merging different ideas together, these creative mash-ups are sure to provide some inspiration:

Bowlifornia Dreaming

Why not fuse the state of California with the dreamy nature of bowling in “Bowlifornia Dreaming”? This name will transport your team to a sunny and fun-filled bowling adventure.

Pinfinity War

Marvel fans can unite with this name that combines the epicness of “Infinity War” with the boundless potential of pins in bowling. Your team will become unstoppable forces on the lanes.

The Bowler Express

Take a page out of the “Polar Express” and bring a touch of magic to your bowling team. The Bowler Express captures the excitement and thrill of an unforgettable bowling journey.

The Big Bang and Strikes

Combine the brilliance of “The Big Bang Theory” with the explosive impact of striking pins. This name showcases the perfect blend of brain and brawn that your team possesses.


A spooktacular twist on the TV show “Transylvania,” Splitsylvania represents your team’s ability to conquer the most challenging splits on the lanes.

In conclusion, picking a funny team name can elevate your bowling experience to new heights. Whether you prefer classic puns, pop culture references, sports-related names, food-inspired ideas, animal themes, music mash-ups, workplace humor, TV show parodies, or creative fusions, there is a funny bowling team name out there waiting to be discovered. So, get together with your teammates, let your creativity flow, and pick a name that best reflects your team’s spirit and sense of humor. Remember, laughter is the perfect companion when chasing that elusive strike!