Jocelyn Alo

Jocelyn Alo Wins Player of The Year In Record Setting Fashion

Jocelyn Alo had her moment in the sun. MVP chants echoed through an entire weekend as the Oklahoma Sooners swept Washington 2-0 to win on their way to playing for the coveted national championship.

And to make things even sweeter, Jocelyn was named Collegiate Player of the Year over UCLA’s Rachel Garcia and Gabbie Plain from University of Washington. She attributed her faith in Jesus Christ to her high level of play, as she accepted the honor. 

Alo is a native of the beautiful Hawaiian islands and has been on a hot streak for quite some time. She’s been on a tear with a 40 game hitting streak and tied an equally impressive feat of hitting home runs in seven straight games.

We congratulate and recognize her for an outstanding season.

Malo lelei

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