MMA Fighter Sina Maani Warns Against A Negative Attitude In Sports

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What is your primary sport?

Mixed Martial Arts

How would you describe your strengths as an athlete? What makes you different and unique from your competitors?

My ability to be consistent over a long period of time with my training. Ever since I’ve started training in mixed martial arts I’ve never taken more than 2 days off from training in some sort of way. This has put me ahead of many with more “talent”. Also the fact that I am literally obsessed with every aspect of the sport. I always say if I’m not training or training others I’m studying technique, watching fights in slow motion or learning state of the art training methodology.

Tell us about a specific time you encountered a major obstacle and thoroughly describe how you overcame it.

Injuries are always an obstacle in sports. Especially in a sport like Mixed Martial Arts. Overcoming it is almost always mental. Accepting “it is what it is” and that complaining and having a negative attitude wont change anything. I simply accepted the fact I was injured. Then I looked for ways to adapt my training around the injury all the while rehabbing the injury. This leads to a much more positive result rather than taking weeks off and regressing greatly.

Explain in detail, your definition of success?

Being able to achieve ones potential in full. Leaving no stone unturned. Having zero doubt that you done everything possible to get to where you want to be. “Success” will come as a product of these actions taken.

How would you respond to this statement: “Leaders are born NOT built”

This is both true and false. I’ve seen people develop into leaders over time but I’ve also seen people with instincts to lead from an early age. I believe circumstances play a major role in this. If the opportunity to lead comes up those with the confidence to take the reigns usually do. Now true confidence comes from hard work and the belief in one’s abilities. Meaning it can be developed over time.

If you gave advice to a young athlete, what is the GREATEST lesson you would share from your sports experience?

“The cream rises to the top”. Show up every day. You may not be the best in the room in the beginning. You may be the worst in the beginning. If you show up everyday with a good attitude you will soon catch up to and surpass those you once thought you could never surpass. Simply by just showing up every day. It won’t be easy. You’ll want to quit many times. But trust the process and put in the hours. You’ll out do anything you used to think was impossible.

What is your favoriate sports movie or show?

The Fighter starring Mark Wahlberg

Who is the person you admire the most and model your work ethic after?

Floyd Mayweather Jr

List your accomplishments, awards, records, certifications, etc…

  • 2-0 in MMA
  • Ranked #3 in Western Canada for the amateur 135 lbs division
  • Ranked #13 in Canada for the amateur 135 lbs division

How would you classify your current status?

College prospect (college age)

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