Kickboxing Phenom Chien Jiuting Focuses On Technique & Will To Win

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What is your primary sport?


How would you describe your strengths as an athlete? What makes you different and unique from your competitors?

When I started to train Muay Thai, I knew the travel of martial arts which can make me find the new life. My favorite skill is Thai-Style roundhouse kick. If you can focus on your opponent downside, you can use your power to destroy his confidence and balance.

Tell us about a specific time you encountered a major obstacle and thoroughly describe how you overcame it.

I have always asked my coach for help and just practice step by step. Your potential is based on your technique.

Explain in detail, your definition of success?

Have audacity and reverse the situation.

Put your dream into action

How would you respond to this statement: “Leaders are born NOT built”


If you gave advice to a young athlete, what is the GREATEST lesson you would share from your sports experience?

Brave and hard working can give you delight and increase your scope.

What is your favoriate sports movie or show?


Who is the person you admire the most and model your work ethic after?


List your accomplishments, awards, records, certifications, etc…

Kickboxing record (4 matches) 3W – 1L – 1NC

How would you classify your current status?

College prospect (college age)

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