Toxicity of Sport Culture on Athlete’s Mental Health with Hillary Cauthen

It is no surprise that sports culture can be incredibly toxic. The pressure of competition, the constant need to win, and the feeling that one’s self-worth is defined by their success on a playing field all contribute to an environment where mental health disorders are rampant.

In fact, its been shown that athletes suffer from depression at a rate 3x higher than non-athletes. Sports are a central part of many people’s lives. From the professional to the amateur, sports have proven to be essential for building character and improving health.

However, there is an underlining issue that has been swept under the rug for far too long- toxicity in sport culture. Sports should promote an environment where athletes feel safe and secure; however, this often is not the case due to high rates of bullying both on and off the field as well as pressure from coaches or teammates who don’t take kindly to failure.

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