Mario Hernandez Battles Self To Create A Success Driven Mindset

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What is your primary sport?


How would you describe your strengths as an athlete? What makes you different and unique from your competitors?

My strength are my life experiences, all the lessons I have learned through all my hardships and victories in life.

Tell us about a specific time you encountered a major obstacle and thoroughly describe how you overcame it.

The greatest obstacle I have always had is myself. I used to have a very low confidence issue in myself for a vast number of reasons but at the end of the day I figured out the biggest obstacle was that I didn’t have faith in myself. The way I conquered and overcame this was by putting myself out there in every single situation regardless of the outcome. I either won or learned a lesson about myself which has made me better.

Explain in detail, your definition of success?

My definition of success is when you can wake up everyday regardless of the day happy and joyful because you are following your passion everyday.

How would you respond to this statement: “Leaders are born NOT built”

I think this statement is false in my opinion because I don’t see how a leader can lead unless they have been through some sort of adversity. I think the only way to lead to is gain the trust and respect of those you’re leading, the only way to become a great is to constantly challenge yourself, to build yourself through learning new lessons everyday.

If you gave advice to a young athlete, what is the GREATEST lesson you would share from your sports experience?

To have the most belief in yourself because once someone comes by trying to plant the seeds of doubt, you will have the ability to block that out and continue on the journey to success.

What is your favoriate sports movie or show?


Who is the person you admire the most and model your work ethic after?


List your accomplishments, awards, records, certifications, etc…

  • Former Amateur 147 lb champion
  • BJJ Brown Belt
  • 2-1 Pro MMA fighter

How would you classify your current status?


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